Telecoms resources focussing on Ireland

Here are some useful TV and telecoms resources focussing on Ireland:

  • COMREG, the Irish telecomms, TV, radio and postal regulator, publishes a number of useful documents.  One can subscribe to COMREG’s newsletter here.
  • Comreg publish a comprehensive quarterly report on the telecomms market, containing useful market statistics.  Here is one edition.
  • OFCOM, the UK TV and telecoms regulator occassionally publishes international reports containing Irish statistics.  Here is their international report for 2012.  In addition, OFCOM publishes Northern Irish telecomms data.
  • The International Telecoms Union (ITU) has a wealth of statistics on telecomms worldwide.
  • The Broadband Commission, set up by the ITU and UNESCO, has some useful reports on (you guessed it) broadband.
  • The GSM Association has an excellent statistics site ‘GSM Intelligence‘.
  • The Irish Internet Association occasionally publishes useful statistics.  Their resources page is here.
  • Ireland’s Telecoms and Internet Federation ( the Irish industry and interest groups’ representative body.
  • The Irish Cellular Industry Association (ICIA) is affiliated to the TIF.  Its own website  ( is down at the time of writing (October 2013) but an IBEC page on the ICIA contains links to some publications.
  • Ireland Offline is a voluntary group campaigning for universal high-speed broadband in Ireland.
  • Phonesmart is a good resource for Irish premium rate services
  • This dissertation by a DIT student contains lots of interesting information on the growth of mobile phone usage in Ireland.  The title is ‘The Unprecedented Assimilation of Mobile Telephony in Ireland- a Phenomenon of the Celtic Tiger Era or a Result of Cultural Traits?’. The author is Andreas Scheibelhut. Contains much detailed analysis. Disclaimer: I helped Andreas with his research, a while back.
  • The Linkedin group ‘Mobile telecoms Ireland‘ which I set up sometimes contains useful content.  Much of the content on this blog is posted there.
  • There is a Linkedin group called ‘Telecoms in Ireland‘ but at time of writing (September 2013) it contains little of interest and is somewhat polluted by spam.
  • This blog by a former Eircell colleague of mine contains some interesting articles on Irish mobile telecoms.
  • This blog by tech consultancy Strategy Analytics contains some interesting entries.

Suggestions of additional resources are very welcome.

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