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Joyn, the GSMA’s answer to OTT services, seems to be struggling

Joyn is the GSM association’s attempt to offer a telco-controlled competitor to over-the-top (OTT) services like WhatsApp and Viber. As described in this article, the survey reports that most telcos so not believe it is the answer.


It’s rather sad, but I guess, as the article, points out, any new product that relies on the cooperation of the majority of mobile telcos worldwide is highly unlikely to succeed nowadays. Back in the 1990s, roaming and SMS were implemented across the GSM world – but would the same happen again if they were developed today?

Perhaps the best hope for a telco response to OTT services would be a basic OTT service that worked anywhere but that gave enhanced features & benefits where supported by a participating telco.

Finally, let’s remember that this is a survey of the telcos. Far more important would be the opinion of the market!